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Fritz Höger 
AWARD 2020
for Brick

Wanted: the best brick buildings.The Brick Building Initiative (Initiative Bauen mit Backstein) awards the Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture and thus honors special architectural achievements with a particular building material.


The Fritz Höger Award 2020 for Brick Architecture honors projects that build bridges. That use the potential of a traditional building material in a sustainable way to create special, remarkable and sustainable architecture. We are looking for projects that feature brick in a new and inspiring way. The Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture, which was first awarded in 2008, takes place every three years. With almost 600 national and international submissions 2020, it is one of the largest German architectural awards.

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The best Brick Buildings


In our brick magazine VORTEILE you can find the best projects submitted to the Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture. Twice a year it presents impressive architectural buildings from the competition, documented in a professional and high quality manner.

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A big stage for your buildings

The Fritz Höger Award for Brick Architecture would not be possible without the work of hundreds of ambitious architects. Every three years outstanding projects surprise the public with undreamt design possibilities of the traditional building material. The architects that meet this challenge benefit from the interest of the professional public and the presence in prestigious publications. The chances and the attention – also for newcomers and non-winners – are enormous. Be a part of it!

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