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Filippo Bricolo graduates with Prof. Arrigo Rudi with the highest marks with a thesis of museography devoted to the expansion of the Museum of the Eremitans by Franco Albini. With Prof. Arrigo Rudi he has a long time of collaborating with teaching in the course of "Equipment and Museography" with the realization of research and conferences dedicated to the theme of the museum and the layout. At IUAV University of Venice, holds the title of PhD in Architectural Composition with Prof. Luciano Semerani deserving, the only one in his course, the mention of publication.


In 2003, with Arch. Francesca Falsarella, founded the „Bricolo Falsarella Associati“ study, dealing mainly with the preparation and recovery of historic buildings. „Gorgo Cantina“, in Custoza, receives the "Young Architecture" prize at the "San Luca National Academy" in 2006 and is published on numerous international and national magazines. „Piazza-Parco Castelginest“, in Levada di Piave, is selected for the "Urban Planning and Territorial Award" "Luigi Piccinato". It follows the design and construction of fair stands („Azienda Agricola Gorgo - Vinitaly, Tre Colli SpA - Clean).


From the early 2000s, he began intense collaboration with the "Castelvecchio museum" by organizing important exhibitions such as "LCD. Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Hunting Style" by Fulvio Irace and Paola Marini, Italo Lupi's graphics and unpublished photographs by Gabriele Basilico; The exhibition "Paolo Farinati 1524-1606. Engraving and Drawing Paintings" with important paintings of the eighteenth century in Verona and documents and loans from various museums, including the „Louvre“; The exhibition "Pietro Consagra. The need for color. Sculptures and Paintings 1964-2000" inside the museum realized by Carlo Scarpa and in the courtyard of the castle.


For Castelvecchio he realized the important extension of the museum part with the recovery of the east wing (left unfinished by Carlo Scarpa) and the setting up of the „Mosaic Room“. Always for the museum he has realized the project for the museum reconstruction of the tower of the Mastio and, in collaboration, the project for the safety of the exhibition paths.


In the field of the recovery of the historic buildings he has realized the important recovery of the six-eighteenth-century „Villa Saccomani“, of the park and of the annexes rustic, which has won several awards and mentions including the "Verona Architect's Prize" (Verona) in 2015 For best performance in the "Recovery" category, the "Finalist Final Projects" selection for the "Gold Medal" for the 2015 Italian Architecture and the selection for the Wienerberger Brick Award 2016 for the "Re-Use" category.

Filippo Bricolo and Francesca Falsarella, couple in work and life, met at the IUAV University of Venice (IT), where they graduated, both with 110/110 cum laude, with a joint thesis on "Expansion of the Eremitani Museum in Padua". In 2003 they established their partnership founded by Bricolo Falsarella Associati, based in their home studio in Sommacampagna on the morainic hills of Garda in the province of Verona.

The activity of the study focuses mainly on the theme of reuse and interventions on historical heritage, by reclaiming gardens and ancient dwellings, museum installations, and regeneration of public spaces. Their architectures are characterized by quietly sophisticated atmospheres based on the staging of construction and on the search for poor materiality and suggestive narrative sequences.

In 2015, they complete the first part of the recovery of the eighteenth-century „Villa Saccomani“ with the arrangement of the Brolo and the ex-rustic annexes, receiving in a short time a series of awards and mentions such as the "Verona Architects Award" for the best work built in the province of Verona in 2015 (Order of the PPC Architects of the Province of Verona), the selection of the best 42 works performed in Italy for the "Triennale Award Gold Medal" for Italian Architecture (2015), launched by the "Triennale of Milan" in collaboration with the MiBACT "Ministero for the Heritage and Cultural Activities and Tourism" and MADE Expo and Brick Award 2016.

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Sommacampagna (VR)
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